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Cleaning Stainless Steel

Do you remember when your stainless steel appliances were delivered to your home? The shine of the fresh new surfaces of your dishwasher, refrigerator, or oven instantly gave your kitchen a modern appearance. Now, you realize regular daily use has your appliances looking a little dull and almost grey. The elaborate shine is missing. The good news, stainless steel appliances are easy to clean and maintain.

Whether you are spring cleaning or preparing your home to sell with our REALTORS®, restoring the shine to your stainless steel appliances is simple. Luckily, the process requires minimal effort, but the results are spectacular.

Click Here to


Spokane Landscaping Trends


This is a guest post by Tony Jones, Sales Manager & Senior Mortgage Specialist with Directors Mortgage.  You can contact him at (509) 220-0259, or Please note, this information is accurate as of this article's posting time. The situation is very dynamic and is subject to change.


I hope you and your family are doing well during these times. Please be assured that Directors Mortgage has adapted to the the changes, and that my team and I are still here to help you.

Recently, several clients have asked about the news they are hearing - mortgage assistance may allow them to "skip" monthly payments if they are in a tough financial spot due to COVID-19. If you are wondering the same, in short, relief may be available. I strongly recommend you to consider all of your options, and you'll want to protect your credit and long term financial goals.



This is the main one the that the news media has been talking about with the CARES Act which pertains to Conventional, FHA, VA & USDA loan types. It is an agreement with your lender to reduce or delay regular payments for a set time. When the forbearance period ends, the postponed payments will be due all at once.  It is important to know that you will not be able to refinance until you are at least one year out of forbearance.



This plan allow you to postpone your payments for a set time then pay them at the end of your regular loan term. "Deferment" and "forbearance" are often used interchangeably, but they are different. A deferment is more beneficial for many because it eliminates the need to make up multiple payments at the end of a short postponement period. Deferments are not available from all servicers.


Payment Assistance Program

This is an arrangement that allows you to make up your postponed payments at the end of a forbearance period by spreading the cost over a period of time. Payment Assistance Programs are not available from all servicers.


Loan Modification

This is a legal process that alters the terms of your loan. For instance, a modification could lower your monthly payments by lengthening your loan term.


To set up the options listed above, please reach out using the contact information on your monthly loan statement. Document all calls and agreements, then check your monthly statements and credit reports to assure that the changes are reported correctly.


Additional Options to Consider:


Cash Out Refi or Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

If you still have enough income to qualify, accessing the equity in your home by refinancing or obtaining a secured credit line may be a good option for lowering your payments, consolidating other debts, and/or creating a cash cushion. A refi will be especially beneficial if current rates are lower than those on your existing financing. 


I hope this helps you understand the available options out there. If you have any questions, please reach out - I would be happy to help!


When to List

Download the March Market Report PDF here.


Want more info about the current real estate market? Contact us today to speak to an agent. 


The information in this report is compiled from a report given by the Spokane Association of REALTORS© and to the best of our knowledge is accurate and correct.


Home Improvement Projects

Need something to do this weekend? You could binge-watch another series, but why not take this time to help your house be one of the best Spokane homes for sale this season? A small home improvement project can be a rewarding way to spend your weekend, from the satisfaction of accomplishment to attracting more potential buyers. Here are some tasks that can easily be completed in one weekend. 

  1. Just Outside the Door
    For buyers, the front of your home creates a powerful first impression, so make it a good one. Wash the exterior of your home. Use a power washer if you have vinyl siding, but steer clear of all windows. Trim your hedges. Take a look at your front door. If the paint is peeling or the hardware outdated, it can make your home look dated. If you choose a new paint color for your door, use a primer so the old paint won't show through, and compare the new shade in the store with your new hardware or hardware that's similar to the color and style you have at home.
  2. Put Your Best Entrance Forward
    Consider what awaits on the other side of the door. If an overcrowded coat stand and a jumble of shoes and umbrellas greets visitors and buyers, switch that up with a coat rack with room for umbrellas and a shelf for hats. You can add an additional row of hooks near the coat rack for more storage room. A laser level will help you keep everything perfectly aligned. 
  3. Windows on the World
    Cleaning your windows is a simple way to make the whole house look newer. Gently wipe the window frames first. Depending on how your windows open, you may need special tools to access the outside of the windowpane. A window washer with a squeegee on a telescoping handle, however, it will reach most areas. Wash the window panes with a mix of water and vinegar for affordable and long-lasting shine. 
  4. Get on the Floor
    If your flooring is badly scuffed, peeling, or just outdated, it's easier than ever to install new flooring. Self-stick carpet tiles come in a wide variety of shades and textures, and click and lock plank flooring is available in finishes that would bring any bathroom or kitchen up to date. A belt sander will come in handy to smooth old subflooring, and a nail set will help you with wood subflooring when the nails are no longer flush. Some types of flooring may need to become acclimated to your home's humidity level, so ask at the hardware store before you make your purchase. 

Our REALTORS® get to see houses at all stages, and they appreciate when a home has received the care it needs to look its best. It shows that the seller is offering a true investment, and buyers will recognize when a home has been well-loved. We'd love to talk to you about helping you find a buyer who will love your house as much as you do. Contact us today.



Spokane Landscaping Trends


Coldwell Banker Tomlinson is very proud to honor our outstanding Realtors® of 2019!  These exceptional agents embody the values of Coldwell Banker Tomlinson in serving their clients and community every day. 

Please join us in congratulating these exceptional people. 


Chairman's Circle

Coldwell Banker Tomlinson is a Chairman's Circle company, ranked as the #29th top performing Coldwell Banker company nationwide!



International Sterling Society

Top 15% of all internationally qualified sales associates (5,159 individuals)
Tawny Hiett (Valley)
John Nielsen (South) his rookie year!!
Shelly Weiland (Valley) her rookie year!!
Dale Smith (Valley)
Cindy Hedin (South)
Johnny Jaynes (North)
Tom Carper (North)
Steve Ranniger (Valley)
Janet Robel (North)




International Diamond Society

Top 10% of all internationally qualified sales associates (4,412 individuals)
Garry Cozza (South)
Julie Kuhlmann (Valley)
Jim Bjorklund (Valley)
Kathleen Moore (Valley)
Peter Enkema (North)
Ron Hansen (North)
Jessica Shaeffer (North)
David Jones (North)
Cody Kerr (South)
Carolyn Harbolt (South)
Barb Christensen (South)
Robin Henspeter (North)
Aaron Lennon (Valley)
Terry Lipe (North)
Greg Schuster (South)




International President's Circle

Top 5% of all internationally qualified sales associates (3,021 individuals)
Doc Williams (South)
Chris Canning (South)
Shane Delaney (South)
Wendy Hughes (South)
Melissa A. Blaine (South)
Cody Irons (South)




International President's Elite

Top 2% of all internationally qualified sales associates (1,033 individuals)
Kathy Bixler (South)
Jonathan Bich (North)
Karen O'Donnell (North)




International President's Premier

Top 1% of all internationally qualified sales associates (350 individuals)
Mollie Sweat (South)




Office Awards

Rookie Of The Year

John Neilsen (South)
Amber Verduzco (North)
Shelly Weiland (Valley)

Most Inspirational

Mollie Sweat (South)
Karen O'Donnell (North)
Kathy Moore (Valley)
Brittany Miller (West Plains)

Best Team Player

Steve Williams (South)
Terry Lipe (North)
Aaron Lennon (Valley)
Nate Juarez (West Plains)

Digital Guru

Cody Irons (South)
Johnny Jaynes (North)
Julie Kuhlmann (Valley)
Katie Lee (West Plains)


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