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Staging with Kids

Are you thinking about adding your house to the list of Spokane homes for sale? If so, you've probably done some research and heard how important it is to make your home look as perfect as possible before your photoshoot and showings.

However, if you have children living in your home, you also know that it's virtually impossible to keep your house sparkling clean and clutter-free for more than an hour or two. So how can parents successfully stage and sell their homes without losing their minds? Start with these five tips!  

  1. Tame Toy Clutter
    When our real estate agents talk to sellers with kids, the first thing they recommend is taking control of their massive toy collections. Start by allowing each child to choose a few "must-have" toys that will remain in the home until it's sold. Then, clear out the rest. Pack up the ones they still play with and put them in storage, and give the rest away. Before showings, place the remaining toys in a bin that you can store out of sight in the closet.
  1. Use Bins and Baskets
    Even after the toys have been handled, you'll still have plenty of little things to deal with. This might include broken crayons, small toys, and other trinkets. Instead of throwing everything away and risking a meltdown, use storage bins and baskets to corral them. This makes clean-up easy and allows you to stash them neatly away before potential buyers arrive. 

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Spokane Health Food

If you are looking for the healthiest food around, Spokane won't disappoint. Its dining scene includes a wide range of chef-driven, family-owned eateries. Look closer, and you'll also find a wide range of organic markets for all your produce needs. After all, Spokane is one of the places where today's farm-to-table movement got started. 

Spokane is a place that's right at the center of it all, and you'll never want for the latest wellness trends when you choose Spokane homes for sale.

Our real estate agents recommend these local favorites for healthy, local ingredients:

  1. Huckleberry's Natural Market – 926 South Monroe Street, Spokane, WA 99204
    Huckleberry's Natural Market has been providing fresh local fare since 1996. Billed as Spokane's first natural and organic grocer, it offers a full range of goods: From produce, seafood, and meats to sustainable health and wellness supplies. It has also become the first brand in Spokane to stock 100% non-GMO chicken.
  2. Main Market Local Food Co-Op – 44 West Main Avenue, Spokane, WA 99201
    Wholesome, responsibly sourced food is the goal at Main Market, a business closely entwined with all sorts of downtown activities. In addition to its full spectrum of colorful local produce, it also has a full-service deli. A traditional deli case is available along with a hot bar and a salad bar. Breakfast and lunch are made from Monday to Saturday. Try the vegetable stir fry!

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